Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Magic World in Fractals by Suzanne Chouinard - First Solo Exhibition ar deArte Gallery

We have a great pleasure to inform you that we started solo exhibitions at deArte Gallery. First artist to present her stunning fractal compositions is Suzanne Chouinard. Read what the artist herself says about her new works.

Doing fractal art is my way of working with abstract forms. Yes the road to learn that craft has been difficult because I had to struggle to find all the informations necessary to study it. They are not easy to find as there are no books made for teaching how to do this kind of art. All the information available is scattered in bits and pieces on internet and it take hours of work to collect them and learn them. But the shapes and lights it creates are enchanting and always a source of wonder to me when I see them taking life. The greatest part of the work is done by the software I use. I could not imagine them alone.
Now my next goal is to try to reproduce them in painting. That would be a great achievement for me if I achieved this. But there are so many things I try in art that I did not managed yet to work on them. There are not enough hours in a day to do all I would like to do in art.
Suzanne Chouinard

Below you may see some of the works presented in our gallery. To enjoy a full collection, visit our website. We will be grateful to hear your opinion on Suzanne's new works.

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