Saturday, 27 March 2010

Memories Remain - a story behind the photo

This is a composite of two photographs. The scene is from last spring when my husband and I were out driving in southern Illiniois. It began as an overcast day, but quickly, the clouds began to look ominous. I was taking shots of this old house out in the middle of nowhere surrounded by only flatlands when the winds began to blow hard. I quickly returned to the car and when we turned on the radio to see if there were any storm warinings out, sure enough, we found that we were in the same county that was in the middle of a tornado warning! Thank goodness, it was more in the upper portion of the county, but it sure was scary there for a while. We drove south and eventually ran out of the stormy area.
I had the idea of placing the face of my portrait of Tom McCorkle in the clouds so that it might convey to the viewer the idea that the former occupant's spirits can many times be felt if you are open to it while you explore around or in these old abandoned relics. The memories don't die...they are left there forever.
Written by Julie Dant

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

"The Light Of A Soul" - the book by Marie Ancolie Romanet

For those who seek the meaning of life we strongly recommend the book "The Light Of A Soul" by Marie-Ancolie Romanet.

The photo "In The Mood For Love" comes from this book.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Bald Eagle from Julie Dant

This magnificient photo of bald eagle Julie Dant has sent as a gift for deArte Gallery.
Julie remember that ANTAS (the gallery founder's surname) means in ancient Etruscan EAGLE.
It's very kind of Julie to share such a beautiful photo with us.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

"A World Of Quietness" by Marie Ancolie Romanet

In the world full of violence, dramatic events and lost hopes, there are people of unique sensivity, delicate, yet strong with the power that only beautiful souls know. One of such people is our artist, French photographer, Marie Ancolie Romanet. deArte Gallery has an honour to show and promote her works. Marie's art has a special quality of soothing minds, bringing peace. Her stunning photographs are of great artistic value. Marie has also published a book, "The Light Of Soul" and three films on You Tube.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Seeing Jewel In Ordinary - Julie Dant's photography

One of the artists who has recently joined the gallery is American photographer Julie Dant. Her magnificient photographies show the artist's great passion for nature and love for people. Julie sees beauty in ordinary things, in every moment of life. She captures the essence of reality, whether it is an old man portrait, old barn or a child's play. Looking at her works, it seems that time stopped. There is some eternal beauty and peace in these photographs. Nobody can pass by her works untouched by true, deep feeling Julie's works evoke.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Spring Exhibition - submission of works up to March 31st.

A Photo by Angel Tarantella Ciesniarska

This photo by Angel has been chosen as a logo for our Spring Theme exhibition. It perfectly depicts everything that is associated with the season, the green, the light, fresh and clear colours,  and slightly light-hearted mood it evokes.
The works sent by our artists so far, are all beautiful, inspiring and showing great love to mother nature. At the same time, they show a deep concern for preserving nature's treasures that people often carelessly spoil. The exhibition is our call for everyone to consider their behaviour.