Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Award Winning Photographer Jim Wright Solo Exhibition

A photo exhibition by Jim Wright
Spectrum Gallery
Racine, WI
January 15 – February 6, 2011

“Photography can be a powerful tool to bring people together, to promote understanding, good will and cooperation” says Chicago photographer Jim Wright, who will have a show of his work, titled “Birds and other holy things” at Spectrum Gallery in Racine, opening January 15. “Photographs can be more than documentation; they can be interpretation and can provide motivation. They not only show a part of reality; they also reveal meaning and purpose.”

Wright has been making photographs professionally since 1973 as a newspaper photographer, commercial freelance photographer and art photographer. He has won many photojournalism awards and was recently given an award of merit for a photo in the winter juried show of Kenosha’s Anderson Arts Center. The show at Spectrum will display works chosen from his entire career.

Racine artist Suellyn Scoon summed up Wright’s first solo show as an art photographer when she stated, “Wright’s photos reveal moments of breath-taking beauty that he has created by going beyond what is observable, into a statement that echoes out to us from the condition of human experience. For example, his photos of a single white bird become an icon for the connection of humanity to a primal source of life. They create hope, and in some of us, faith.”

According to John Mazurek, a local photographer and business manager of Kenosha’s Lemon Street Gallery, “Wright takes the ordinary and makes it look extraordinary. In a day when almost everyone has a digital camera, Jim’s work excels. He can make a bird’s flight have the look of a celestial being, and his studies of ordinary people make them important to the viewer.”

The show will run concurrently with Spectrum’s Winter Invitational show. Both open with a reception at noon-5 pm, Saturday, January 15 and can be seen noon to 5 pm Saturdays and Sundays and by appointment until February 6. The gallery is on the Lake Michigan side of the DeKoven Center, 600 21st Street, Racine.

 773-606-5938

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Why it is worth cooperating with other creatives?

This invaluable video has been published by the99percent.com I have decided to republish it here, as I am still looking for active open-minded people to cooperate for benefit of all, those involved and those who deArte Gallery is to serve to. I strongly believe that when two creative minds meet, the synergy of their potential and energy not only doubles but multiples. Working individually, we resemble a small boat thrown on the vast, stormy ocean. When we unite, we are like a big ship that may move round the world. Listen to this video and learn your lesson. Spread the good news to others. 

The sorce: www.the99percent.com

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

RafaŁ Antas Solo Exhibition

Rafal Antas, Polish artist living in the UK,  has had recently a solo exhibition in his hometown Nowa Sól in Poland. We are pleased to report that the exhibition has been a big success. for Rafal Many people arrived at its official opening. Rafal showed his photographic works taken during his stay in the UK. One of the leading themes in Rafal's photography is architecture, gothic in particular. His works show  artist's great passion and attention to detail.