Monday, 16 May 2011

Protecting your copyright and licensing rights by Daniela Bowker

I want to share with you invalubale article send to me by one of our gallery artists, Katarina Fagerstrom Levring. The article is dealing with basic, yet most important issues for us all creative people. It has been written by Daniela Bowker and to respect Daniela's rights, I publish here only some excerpts of the whole text. The rest you may read on Small Aperture Blog.

Copyright and Licensing Rights

The first thing to get straight is that there’s a difference between copyright and licensing rights. If you take a photo (or compose a song, or write a story… you get the picture) you own the copyright to it. That means you have the right to have that photo attributed to you and you can say how, where, and when you want it reproduced, if at all.