Friday, 21 January 2011

Tales Of Mystery Landscape Photography by Danuta Antas on YouTube

Danuta Antas has recently published her mysterious and spiritual fine art landscape photography inspired by Botanic Gardens in her hometown. The works shown in the video are also published in a book under the same title. "Tales Of Mystery" photo album is available on Blurb.

See below what others tell about Danuta's photographic work

Julie Riker Dant You..of all the photographers I know..deserve it and many, many more accolades and recognition for your capture of the spirit that nature conveys to us if we only open up to receive it. Danka.

Danka, the book is gorgeous and touching. You make ordinary scenes speak truths about life.
posted at 03:21pm Dec 15 PST

I am really impressed by your book. It is so beautiful and professionaly done.

posted at 06:35pm Dec 15 PST

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