Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Award Winning Photographer Jim Wright Solo Exhibition

A photo exhibition by Jim Wright
Spectrum Gallery
Racine, WI
January 15 – February 6, 2011

“Photography can be a powerful tool to bring people together, to promote understanding, good will and cooperation” says Chicago photographer Jim Wright, who will have a show of his work, titled “Birds and other holy things” at Spectrum Gallery in Racine, opening January 15. “Photographs can be more than documentation; they can be interpretation and can provide motivation. They not only show a part of reality; they also reveal meaning and purpose.”

Wright has been making photographs professionally since 1973 as a newspaper photographer, commercial freelance photographer and art photographer. He has won many photojournalism awards and was recently given an award of merit for a photo in the winter juried show of Kenosha’s Anderson Arts Center. The show at Spectrum will display works chosen from his entire career.

Racine artist Suellyn Scoon summed up Wright’s first solo show as an art photographer when she stated, “Wright’s photos reveal moments of breath-taking beauty that he has created by going beyond what is observable, into a statement that echoes out to us from the condition of human experience. For example, his photos of a single white bird become an icon for the connection of humanity to a primal source of life. They create hope, and in some of us, faith.”

According to John Mazurek, a local photographer and business manager of Kenosha’s Lemon Street Gallery, “Wright takes the ordinary and makes it look extraordinary. In a day when almost everyone has a digital camera, Jim’s work excels. He can make a bird’s flight have the look of a celestial being, and his studies of ordinary people make them important to the viewer.”

The show will run concurrently with Spectrum’s Winter Invitational show. Both open with a reception at noon-5 pm, Saturday, January 15 and can be seen noon to 5 pm Saturdays and Sundays and by appointment until February 6. The gallery is on the Lake Michigan side of the DeKoven Center, 600 21st Street, Racine.

 773-606-5938

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Why it is worth cooperating with other creatives?

This invaluable video has been published by the99percent.com I have decided to republish it here, as I am still looking for active open-minded people to cooperate for benefit of all, those involved and those who deArte Gallery is to serve to. I strongly believe that when two creative minds meet, the synergy of their potential and energy not only doubles but multiples. Working individually, we resemble a small boat thrown on the vast, stormy ocean. When we unite, we are like a big ship that may move round the world. Listen to this video and learn your lesson. Spread the good news to others. 

The sorce: www.the99percent.com

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

RafaŁ Antas Solo Exhibition

Rafal Antas, Polish artist living in the UK,  has had recently a solo exhibition in his hometown Nowa Sól in Poland. We are pleased to report that the exhibition has been a big success. for Rafal Many people arrived at its official opening. Rafal showed his photographic works taken during his stay in the UK. One of the leading themes in Rafal's photography is architecture, gothic in particular. His works show  artist's great passion and attention to detail.  

Sunday, 10 October 2010

HOME (English with subtitles)

This is absolutely a must-to-see fim for everyone, regardless of how old you are, where you live, what is your profession. To live consciously is not a privilege reserved for some, it is a necessity for us all.

Monday, 5 July 2010

New Artists On deArte Gallery

Despite the fact that season is getting warmer and most of creative people, nature artists in particular, spend more time outdoors taking advantage of holidays, workshops or just ability to shot rare plants, animals, etc, our gallery has recently joined two more artists. They both, Larry Ricker and Marta Grabska-Press represent two generations of artists from regions that are poles apart.
Marta is a young Polish self-taught photographer, whereas Larry comes from the USA. Their works show different faces of nature. Larry's landscape is full of space. Watching his works, you can see and feel vast streches of space so typical of the United States, even if it is only a bird's portrait. While Marta's focus is on detail and mood. Her landscapes perfectly invisible a modest nature of the Polish countryside.

For true nature lovers there is no boundaries. Thanks to them both and to other deArte Gallery artists you may take a virtual trip round the world in less than 80 days:)

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Art With Positive Energy

deArte Gallery is happy to announce the official launch of Spring theme exibition. About 50 works have been sent to the gallery, all of them are beautiful, bringing lots of positive energy. The special energy that only wakeing-up-to-llife nature can spread. Our artists all have a deep insight into nature's wisdom, they feel nature's energy and want to share this magnificient, inspiring feeling with as many people as possible.

The only thing you have to do is to let yourself to enjoy the works, let yourself to spend some time on reflection upon the nature of life. Let yourself to have a rest, to stop for a while and to feel the present moment of joy, to feel the divine. It's the best way to spend your free time.

Everyone is invited to visit the show. Click here to enter the exhibition

Crocuses, a photo by James K Wright

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Memories Remain - a story behind the photo

This is a composite of two photographs. The scene is from last spring when my husband and I were out driving in southern Illiniois. It began as an overcast day, but quickly, the clouds began to look ominous. I was taking shots of this old house out in the middle of nowhere surrounded by only flatlands when the winds re...ally began to blow hard. I quickly returned to the car and when we turned on the radio to see if there were any storm warinings out, sure enough, we found that we were in the same county that was in the middle of a tornado warning! Thank goodness, it was more in the upper portion of the county, but it sure was scary there for a while. We drove south and eventually ran out of the stormy area.
I had the idea of placing the face of my portrait of Tom McCorkle in the clouds so that it might convey to the viewer the idea that the former occupant's spirits can many times be felt if you are open to it while you explore around or in these old abandoned relics. The memories don't die...they are left there forever.
Written by Julie Dant

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

"The Light Of A Soul" - the book by Marie Ancolie Romanet

For those who seek the meaning of life we strongly recommend the book "The Light Of A Soul" by Marie-Ancolie Romanet.

The photo "In The Mood For Love" comes from this book.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Bald Eagle from Julie Dant

This magnificient photo of bald eagle Julie Dant has sent as a gift for deArte Gallery.
Julie remember that ANTAS (the gallery founder's surname) means in ancient Etruscan EAGLE.
It's very kind of Julie to share such a beautiful photo with us.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

"A World Of Quietness" by Marie Ancolie Romanet

In the world full of violence, dramatic events and lost hopes, there are people of unique sensivity, delicate, yet strong with the power that only beautiful souls know. One of such people is our artist, French photographer, Marie Ancolie Romanet. deArte Gallery has an honour to show and promote her works. Marie's art has a special quality of soothing minds, bringing peace. Her stunning photographs are of great artistic value. Marie has also published a book, "The Light Of Soul" and three films on You Tube.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Seeing Jewel In Ordinary - Julie Dant's photography

One of the artists who has recently joined the gallery is American photographer Julie Dant. Her magnificient photographies show the artist's great passion for nature and love for people. Julie sees beauty in ordinary things, in every moment of life. She captures the essence of reality, whether it is an old man portrait, old barn or a child's play. Looking at her works, it seems that time stopped. There is some eternal beauty and peace in these photographs. Nobody can pass by her works untouched by true, deep feeling Julie's works evoke.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Spring Exhibition - submission of works up to March 31st.

A Photo by Angel Tarantella Ciesniarska

This photo by Angel has been chosen as a logo for our Spring Theme exhibition. It perfectly depicts everything that is associated with the season, the green, the light, fresh and clear colours,  and slightly light-hearted mood it evokes.
The works sent by our artists so far, are all beautiful, inspiring and showing great love to mother nature. At the same time, they show a deep concern for preserving nature's treasures that people often carelessly spoil. The exhibition is our call for everyone to consider their behaviour.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Iris Greenwell's photos on the Arbuckle Country Magazine's cover

Sharing our artists' success

We are happy to share a very good news of Iris Greenwell success. Her magnificient photographies appeared on The Arbucle Country Magazine's as well as inside the magazine.

Iris, who is a gifted American photographer, has also designed a cover of The Directory Guide of Pauls Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Iris Greenwel photographies inside new issue of the Arbuckle Country Magazine

Monday, 8 February 2010

Antas roots of deArte Gallery

deArte Gallery project was born from my search of family roots and of the origins od my family name, the search that resulted with interesting findings and my greater awarness. Thus I have devoted the whole page in the gallery to everything connected with ANTAS name I have managed to discover so far. I will be grateful, if you contribute to the ANTAS Gallery with more information, as I strongly believe there is something special, mysterious behind the name.

Probably the most surprising for me was learning the old meaning of the name. From ancient Etruscan ANTAS means EAGLE. It explains my early childhood fascination with these magnificient species, thus I have decided to put the image here.
Let the most noble birds inspire us, all deArte Gallery artists, for greatest achievements. Reach with your dreams and aspirations fot the sky, like eagels do.

Source: F & M Auto

If you know some more information, please get in touch with the gallery by mail deartegallery@gmail.com

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Rafał Antas - Polish photographer

I am happy to announce that first Antas named person joined deArte Gallery. I have found Rafał on the Internet, while looking for a domain name for my personal website. To my surprise www.antas.com.pl domain was not available. But my surprise was much bigger when I discovered that it is the website of a person, like me, taking photography. Rafał is a young generation artist, living in the UK for several years. His works are very stylish and they show his great passion to the chosen theme. You are invited to visit his Art Photo Gallery. 
I've got in touch with Rafał quite recently (we are not family:). And I aprreciate very much Rafał decided to join us. Below there are some works of Rafał.



Tuesday, 2 February 2010

All things ANTAS - call for information

The idea of deArte Gallery was born from my looking for family roots on the Internet. My family name is Antas, which isn't definitely a typical name of Polish people and this is why I have always been looking for information that would let me learn something about me and my family. To my surprise, I have found out lots of interesting things, I am going to write about on deArte Gallery blog as well on the gallery website. So, I would be grateful for any information connected with this issue.
So far, I have discovered that in ancient Etruscan the meaning of ANTAS was EAGLE. Maybe it explains my childhood fascination with these magnificient birds. 

Thursday, 28 January 2010

New members in our gallery

I am happy to announce that Halina Szejak vel Żeak, Polish painter, poetess, Arte Therapist and great enthusiast of animals and nature has joined our gallery. Halina is very creative and active person. I met her on vedic art workshops she organized in 2006. Since that time, everything in my life has changed, for better. I owe her a lot and I am very appreciative for all she did for me.
Halina paints spiritual pictures, mandalas, aura portraits, angels. Her artworks have healing soul power. Every year, she organizes spiritual growth workshops.

Visit Halina profile on deArte Gallery.

        Mandalas of Soul. Two of numerous mandala pictures by Halina.

Monday, 25 January 2010

Black and White Beauty

It's amazing that black and white photography, so far from modern, vivid colour digital images, has still a significant number of its funs. Moreover, it seems that the number is constantly growing up. DeArte gallery is going to launch an exhibition of B&W images in March, 2010. We want to show another face of beauty in fine art photography.
All artists are welcomed to join the event. Visit our website to look for more information.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Winter Inspirations at deArte Gallery - exhibition - January 22nd, 2010

deArte Gallery is proud to announce the launch of a new and exciting project. We are going to start an official gallery opening with an exhibition of winter images from all over the world, presenting art quality photography, drawings and paintings. The aim of this exhibition is to show how different can winter be in various countries and to make people aware of geographically defined cultural differences.
The exhibition is going to last from 1 to 28 February, 2010
To join the event, please, send jpg. files (max. 800pix) of your works. Each artist can send up to 5 works.
Contact deartegallery@gmail.com