Sunday, 21 February 2010

Iris Greenwell's photos on the Arbuckle Country Magazine's cover

Sharing our artists' success

We are happy to share a very good news of Iris Greenwell success. Her magnificient photographies appeared on The Arbucle Country Magazine's as well as inside the magazine.

Iris, who is a gifted American photographer, has also designed a cover of The Directory Guide of Pauls Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Iris Greenwel photographies inside new issue of the Arbuckle Country Magazine

Monday, 8 February 2010

Antas roots of deArte Gallery

deArte Gallery project was born from my search of family roots and of the origins od my family name, the search that resulted with interesting findings and my greater awarness. Thus I have devoted the whole page in the gallery to everything connected with ANTAS name I have managed to discover so far. I will be grateful, if you contribute to the ANTAS Gallery with more information, as I strongly believe there is something special, mysterious behind the name.

Probably the most surprising for me was learning the old meaning of the name. From ancient Etruscan ANTAS means EAGLE. It explains my early childhood fascination with these magnificient species, thus I have decided to put the image here.
Let the most noble birds inspire us, all deArte Gallery artists, for greatest achievements. Reach with your dreams and aspirations fot the sky, like eagels do.

Source: F & M Auto

If you know some more information, please get in touch with the gallery by mail

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Rafał Antas - Polish photographer

I am happy to announce that first Antas named person joined deArte Gallery. I have found Rafał on the Internet, while looking for a domain name for my personal website. To my surprise domain was not available. But my surprise was much bigger when I discovered that it is the website of a person, like me, taking photography. Rafał is a young generation artist, living in the UK for several years. His works are very stylish and they show his great passion to the chosen theme. You are invited to visit his Art Photo Gallery. 
I've got in touch with Rafał quite recently (we are not family:). And I aprreciate very much Rafał decided to join us. Below there are some works of Rafał.



Tuesday, 2 February 2010

All things ANTAS - call for information

The idea of deArte Gallery was born from my looking for family roots on the Internet. My family name is Antas, which isn't definitely a typical name of Polish people and this is why I have always been looking for information that would let me learn something about me and my family. To my surprise, I have found out lots of interesting things, I am going to write about on deArte Gallery blog as well on the gallery website. So, I would be grateful for any information connected with this issue.
So far, I have discovered that in ancient Etruscan the meaning of ANTAS was EAGLE. Maybe it explains my childhood fascination with these magnificient birds.