Monday, 5 July 2010

New Artists On deArte Gallery

Despite the fact that season is getting warmer and most of creative people, nature artists in particular, spend more time outdoors taking advantage of holidays, workshops or just ability to shot rare plants, animals, etc, our gallery has recently joined two more artists. They both, Larry Ricker and Marta Grabska-Press represent two generations of artists from regions that are poles apart.
Marta is a young Polish self-taught photographer, whereas Larry comes from the USA. Their works show different faces of nature. Larry's landscape is full of space. Watching his works, you can see and feel vast streches of space so typical of the United States, even if it is only a bird's portrait. While Marta's focus is on detail and mood. Her landscapes perfectly invisible a modest nature of the Polish countryside.

For true nature lovers there is no boundaries. Thanks to them both and to other deArte Gallery artists you may take a virtual trip round the world in less than 80 days:)

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